Kayak Roll in Emerald Cave

Kayak Lessons

Beginner or Advanced

Obviously hanging out in Emerald Cave upside down posing for the camera is sort of an advanced skill. But, I'm ready to help you begin kayaking or to help you advance your kayak skills to any level.  

Below are four videos from my YouTube Playlist;  Kayak Lessons and Skills , showing just that. 
​​These videos on the top row show some 'advanced' beginner skills. These are skills every kayaker should eventually acquire. 

​The videos on the bottom row show definite advanced kayak skills.  Enjoy!
Kayak Roll in Emerald Cave

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BOOKING A KAYAK LESSON: I don't schedule large groups for kayak lessons. Taking either a beginner or advance a kayak lesson with me is a personal matter.  The group size for any of my lessons can be just 1 but is limited to a maximum of 4 people.  

From beginner lesson student, James Patterson; "It was great meeting you too. I was just thinking how lucky I was to get my first lesson from you rather than some random kayak tour guide. You know your stuff and obviously really love what you do."                                    Read more...

Contact me to establish what you want to accomplish and we'll coordinate an available date. 

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